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OkaMori : Relax

Title: Relax
Author: [info]th_geek / [info]re_riko
Pairing: keito/ryutaro
Genre: Fluff
Word Count: 450 words
Summary: "I relax at the sight of you."
A/N: Inspired by Keito's words (here) and this recent photo of Ryutaro (here).

“I relax at the sight of you.”

Tilting his head back, Ryutaro smiled towards the sky as he remembers the words of a certain guy. Earphones were plugged in, music blasting into his ears. This was the only way to tune out all the whispers and mummers that was happening around him. He wasn’t oblivious to the fingers pointing and disapproving glances all directed to him. 

Flipping open his phone, he continued to scroll through his playlist as he sat down. His footsteps have slowed down, and he actually has time for homework. He has time to help his family. Ryutaro found out things he didn’t know about when he was so busy previously.

He now has time to take a breath and see the world.

‘Waited for long?’

The text message blinked on his screen, and turning around, he was met with Keito’s smile. Earphones were pulled out, and he quickly hugged the older boy and released him. “Aren’t you afraid of getting caught?” Ryutaro had lightly scolded Keito while pulling the older’s hat down to cover his eyes. It didn’t take him very long to see that the older boy had eye bags under his eyes, and had slimmed down since the last time he saw him.

A small chuckle escaped Keito’s lips and he gently squeezed Ryutaro’s hand, “Not really. You’re the only one that can make me relax anyway.”

“This is definitely not the only way you can relax.” He quickly pulled his hand away and started walking. Keito had smiled and jogged towards him. “Not the only one, yes. There’s my guitar, but dad says he’ll get deaf with me playing every day.”

“What about the dressing room? There’s more than enough space now I suppose.”

A playful slap was delivered on Ryutaro’s head, “Like as if. It has gotten even messier. BEST decided to ambush us in the dressing room, again.”

“Then shouldn’t you go back and start plotting against them with the rest?”

“That’s out of subject Ryutaro.” They arrived at a quiet park. It was a park near both their apartments, and also the park where they would meet each other for some quiet time together. “So it is left with me making you relax.”

“Yes. Being with you just makes me relax, so you’ll have to deal with it forever,” Keito had laughed at Ryutaro’s scrunched up face, and flicked the younger’s forehead.

A serious expression appeared on Ryutaro’s face, and he cleared his throat, “I guess I’ll just have to live with it, since it means I can see you more often.”

“You do know that you don’t need an excuse to see me right?”

“Of course I do, Keito.”
Tags: # year: 2011, - je: hey! say! jump, pairing: keito/ryutaro, type: one-shot, ♔hsj: morimoto ryutaro, ♔hsj: okamoto keito
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