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[request/exchange post] 2014

riko's fic request and exchange post.

and so i've took down the nineteenth birthday one, and i'm just gonna go for any request and exchange. this is probably in attempt to spur me back into writing and stuff. as a request, a challenge is also welcomed (for example: you can challenge me to writing continuously in maybe seven days with prompts you come up with, and i will try my best). this will be opened all year round lovelies.

fandoms: (this list may increase)
animanga: magi, free!, d. grayman, kuroko no basket, shingeki no kyojin, adekan, bleach, naruto, fairy tail, neon genesis evangelion, natsume yuujinchou, ookiku furikabutte, sakamichi no apollon, kyokai no kanata, full metal alchemist, saiyuki, haikyuu!!, dramatical murder, karneval, k project, ansatsu kyoushitsu, durarara!!, hakkenden, makai ouji, shonen oujo, princess princess

idols: hey! say! jump, news, akb48, kami7, sexy zone, infinite, b.a.p., exo

one-shot; drabbles; challenge: as the names suggests, one-shot will be a full fic. drabbles on the other hand, one can request up to a maximum of FIVE ficlets/drabbles. as for challenge: not too many days, you must give me prompts, and do praise me if i complete it www

Request Format Example:
livejournal username: re-riko
fandom of fic: Hey! Say! JUMP
pairing(s) (if any): Yuto/Yamada
genre: fluff / angst / au / horror / supernatural / crack (not putting out smut, gender-bend and mpreg)
oneshot/drabbles/ I CHALLENGE YOU TO: drabbles
prompt(s): one prompt for a one-shot, a maximum of five prompts for drabbles

i'll make up a masterpost for this ... maybe
Tags: # year: 2014, * ✉challenge accepted, * ✉fic exchange, * ✉request
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